The Mother and her God-Child.

Say, the God Almighty is born to you as your own son, how would you regard him.
Here are a couple of beautiful Telugu verses by Pothana from Bhagavatham .

Aditi, the mother of Vaamana doting on her Child :
నన్ను గన్న తండ్రి, నాపాలి దైవమ
నా తపహ్ ఫలంబ, నా కుమార
నాదు చిన్ని వడుగ, నా కులదీపక
రాగదయ్య, భాగ్యరాసివగుచు
ఆన్నా రమ్మని డగ్గరి, చన్నుల పాలేరువార సంస్లేషిణియై
చిన్నరి మొగము నివురుచు, గన్నారం జూచె గన్న కదుపై యుంతన్.
In Roman script.
Nannu ganna tanDri, naapaali daivama
naa tapah phalamba, naa kumaara
naadu chinni vaduga, naa kuladeepaka
raagadayya, bhaagyaraasivaguchu

Annaa rammani daggari, channula paalaeruvaara samslaeshiNiyai
chinnari mogamu nivuruchu, gannaaram jooche ganna kadupai yuntan.

Here is my translation into English :

” Oh, my daddy, oh, my deity,
the sweet fruit of my penances, oh my young one,
oh my little son, the brightener of my clan,
come hither my dear, you are my heap of riches.
She approaches him, addressing him lovingly as she would her elder brother,And as he hugs her, her breasts stream out milk and she caresses the child’s tender face and looks at him avidly,–because she had borne him. “


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