Wealthy but wretched

Here is a simple but nice verse of Pothana from the Andhra Maha Bhaagavatham

అన్నమైన దోయమైన ద్రవ్యంబైన
శాకమైన దనకు జరుగు కొలది
నతిథి జనుల కడ్డమాడక ఇడరేని
లేమ ! వారు కలిగి లేని వారు

annamaina doayamaina dravyambaina
Saakamaina danaku jarugu koladi
natithi janula kaDDamaaDaka iDaraeni
laema ! vaaru kaligi laeni vaaru

Here is my translation into English.

Be it food, be it water, be it a bit of money
or a few vegetables, to the extent that one can afford,
if one doesn’t ungrudgingly give out, to even uninvited guests,
my dear, such ones are poor and wretched even if they be wealthy.


About versa kay

Agile, keen, versatile,considerate,patient
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