The Barrister-would-be barges across the portal of the Travel Agency.( From Barrister Parvateesam)

Having come this far, what would be the point in drawing back. Come what may.
I make a silent salutation to the Lord Almighty and try to move inside .
A sentry is there . He demands, ” Where are you going ?”
I reply, ” Inside.”
“What for?”
” Just like that. Nothing in particular. ”
” Then turn right about and go away.”
” Why pray ?”, I sneer at him.
“When you have nothing to do inside, you are better off, outside.”
” I have some business inside.”
“Be specific.What business ?”
” Something. Do I need to tell you.”
“How come?”
The fellow is furious. He glares at me with bloodshot eyes, ” I will not let you in, come what may.”
I dare him, ” Who are you to decide on that?”
“Is you feel so, why do you stand here still? “, he mocks at me.
” I’ll enter.”
” Why tarry ? “, he prods.
I get angry, ” Do I need your permission !. I will do so when I please.”
He keeps quiet .
I stay there silently as though contemplating about something. With my hands deep inside the pockets of my trousers I look around nonchalantly at the walls, and the stairs. I am still apprehensive in my heart of hearts. ” What if I make bold and forged a step ahead?. Will the ruffian really hold me by my shoulder and drag me back ? Not an auspicious beginning for one like me who is going to make his mark in a place like London. But still, let me see how far this guy will go .”. I take a few steps past the man.
“Stay back !”, his crazed voice sounds like a rifle shot.
“Why are you shivering like that .” I try to sound brave.
Besides himself with rage, the fellow rushes straight at me .He places a hand on my shoulder and orders me, ” Stop your silly pranks and get lost while the going is good.”
I get wild when he touches my shoulder. I sweep it of with my hand and admonish him,, “You seem to forget that you are after all a peon. I have been tolerating your insolence all this while. I have seen lakhs of guys like you. If you misbehave still , I may have to report you to your superiors. No point in repenting after you lose your job. So be on your guard. “, I warn him and try to go forward.
Without uttering a single word the fellow grabs my hand firmly and deposits me in the street and tells me, ” Now go and complain to whomsoever you choose.”
He’s right, there appeared to be no one to whom I could possibly complain.
I realise that quarrelling with this menial would not lead me anywhere, least of all to my destination. No other go than perhaps to mend fences with the guy.
So I calmly approach the fellow again, and discreetly place half a rupee in his palm and tell him, “The matter is that I badly need to go to London. Believe me. What other bloody business can I possibly have in your place. If you are yet not convinced, look , here is my money for the fare.”, I show him all the lucre I had, to him.The fellow, thank God, appeared to be convinced .
“Sorry sir, ” he bows and shows me in. I move inside. Photographs of big steamers , and maps of the globe all around on the walls.


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