It is bliss to be a woman.

The king has secured his kingdom from the surrounding enemies. His consorts are happy. His children , toddlers now, are cute and adorable. And he wishes to celebrate the good times with a hunting expedition. He consults his astrologers for advice on an auspicious day to set out.
The astrologer-laureate selects an auspicious day considering the good of the king, his people and the kingdom and the will of the God Almighty as he perceived it. A few young astrologers mumble that it may not be so auspicious for their Lord, but they are overruled and the king sets out on his expedition.
The expedition goes on exceedingly well. In his euphoria, the king strays deep into the woods, gets separated from his retinue. Feeling thirsty he seeks some place where he could find water to quench his thirst. He finds an hermitage, enters it and asks the sage there for water. The handsome sage disturbed from his deep meditation, curses him to turn into a woman and stay so for ten years and lo, the king turns into a beauteous young lady. The king ,nay the disconsolate lady, begs the hermit to revoke his curse, but he pleads his inability to do so. The lady, ashamed to go back to her native kingdom, impels the young hermit to take her as his spouse and he reluctantly agrees .
And they have a few children. Days roll by swiftly and happily for the couple and they have a few cherubic children. And then it is nearing time for the lady to turn back into her original incarnation.
She approaches her husband but is hesitant to broach the subject . The sage knows what is on her mind, and deigns to grant her deliverance, but the lady demurs.When the sage asks her the reason she says, ” Sir, I had a happy family when I was the king. And I had good children too. And the people too were good to me. But it seems all so far away to me. Reports are that my spouses have reconciled to my absence and are content and happy with the way their children are shaping up. And the precocious princes have been managing the kingdom well. There seems to be no reason now after all these years to upset the apple cart. Now I have a happy family here, a loving spouse, beautiful kids, no stress of any sort. And the children that I have here are mine, mine only in a sense that is different from those ones that I had left behind. These are mine, mine that I have conceived , borne for ten months and delivered. I cherish them more. And these need me more than those others of mine who have their loving mothers with them. And I have a loving husband here to take every need of mine, including the one I love most from you, and mind you,dear, I know the difference. It is bliss to be a woman fondled by her dear one.”
This is a story from Maha Bharata that I have read long years ago. Do you agree with her ?


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