Violin-Ashort story by Chaso.

Chaso’s (Chaganti Somayajulu ) Telugu short stories,, candidly portray the lives of middle class Telugu people . Devoid of any frills, they have a charming simplicity. Here is my attempt at translation of one such story, “Vayuleenam”
Rajyam is unconscious. Blacked out completely.
Aghast, Venkatappayya stared at his wife’s face.Thank God, her lips are quivering. Trying to convey something. Not audible, She is mumbling something to herself.
“Rajyaam dear.”, he calls out worried. No reply, as though she is lost to this world.
She is floating around in the clouds holding onto a melody, a blissful alaap of Thodi.
The kids are caterwauling in the porch.
“Stop that noise, Will, you ?”, he shouted at the brat pack.Would have thrashed them had they been nearer.
“You have scared me ! Why do you bellow out at the kids like that.”, Rajyam demanded, waking up impatiently from her stupor, with a look of distaste.
“Let me know first how you are now?”, he asked with concern.
“Fine. Why do you look so worried ?.”
“You were in a stupor.”
” So you brought me out from my coma.”
“I see. ” , she smiled, her swollen eyes looking owlish, her buck-teeth flashing. Her smile frightened him.
“Yes, I was in a trance.”, she said.
“I was worried !”, he said with relief.
Rajyam was laid up with typhoid, her condition seemed hopeless.Somehow she has recovered, though not fully yet. Still on a strict diet regime, since a week.
Venkatappayya, hasn’t recovered from his fright, yet.
This wretched typhoid abated a bit after it lasted for three weeks and sapped her completely, But it relapsed soon. As though intent to demonstrate its prowess it ravaged her frail frame for yet another spell of three weeks, before she could be discharged from the hospital. And he was yet to come out of his scare. He is afraid, she may breath her last any moment , leaving him in the lurch.
“Having to see you like that almost caused me a minor heart attack.”, he added.
” I was transported , I do not know where. I’m alright. In fact, blissful since we shifted to this new house.”, Rajyam assured him.
“I too am happy since we shifted. It feels great like I have never felt before, though the rent is a little bit high.”, he said cheerfully.
“I am worried, over the rent.”
“Do we need to worry over trifles, when your life itself was at stake? Don’t you worry ? We will manage.”.
They lived earlier in an antediluvian hovel, in a narrow street. The rent was lower. And all the while they were there, some one or the other in the family used to be sick.
The new apartment comprised two rooms, and a verandah. It is a part of a new house with a concrete roof, There is another similar house on the other side of the road. Each block was surrounded by spacious grounds all around. The yards have nice gardens.
” Filthy money, we’ll manage it somehow. You are safe. That is more than enough for me.”
“Don’t fool me. It must have costed you a bomb to get me well. And you refuse to tell me where you scrounged all that money from. I am anxious about that.”
” Forget it, I say. First you take care of your health. Don’t think of the expense. Drink as much Ovaltine as you can. Eat all the fruit that I bring, You don’t need to spare any thing for the kids even. Get well. And soon.”
Venkatappayya went out into the yard, he did not like to continue about the matter any more. After freshening himself up, he combed his hair, dressed and went out into the street.


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