Don’t worry, be happy.

‘The old man pointed to a baker …….”He never realised that people are capable, at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of.” ‘
I place a book marker betwixt pages 22 and 23 of “The Alchemist “, by Paul Coelho, set it aside, stretch myself and see whether the IPad is charged yet. Yes, it is. I take it and immerse myself into the wide, deep expanse of the WWW.
“Be good, be happy, live long”, I write as my comment , summarising the story that I found on the Facebook of a 102 year old lady who still plays golf.
“The sump pump is not working”, the missus is complaining, “And the sump is overflowing.” The pump and its Fractional horse power single phase motor have been working finely since the past ten years conveying the water released into it by the water works up into the overhead tank.
I go into the yard and check. The pump that has served us faithfully for the past decade is now mute when I switch on. No hiccup even yesterday. The bearings must have jammed. Or the capacitor could be faulty. I can loosen the bearings or even replace the capacitor, I assure myself. The worst case is that, one or both of the windings is burnt, in which case it has to be got rewound by a professional . I sit down to check up.The axle of the mono-block is not accessible, for me to rotate it and loosen the bearings. I try to open the cap that has the fan within it, to turn the fan and loosen the bearings. I could remove two of the screws that held the cap. The bottom one is near the concrete pedestal, not accessible to the screw driver. I give up this approach and try to push the screw driver through the ventilating holes of the cap and turn the fan blades a bit, but to no avail. If only I can remove the cap I can loosen the bearings. For this I have to detach the pump from the piping and the pedestal, which I would and could have attempted if I were a decade or more younger. But what if the capacitor is faulty. Of course if the rotor is free and if the rotor is turned around a bit before the motor is switched on the motor should continue rotate even in capacitor is faulty. No point in poking around any further. I go out to fetch a mechanic.
“Be good, be happy, live long.” the words keep rolling in my mind. It is not long before they remind me of a similar sounding exhortation, ” Don’t worry, be happy.”
These are the famous words of Meher Baba, an Indian sage. Yes, do what you can and if you can’t do something, don’t worry, find someone who can help you do it, or who would do it for you.. You be happy, make him happy too. Don’t worry, be happy, I tell myself.
The narrow steep road connects to the U-shaped, curved main road at the bottom of the U. I am walking carefully along the edge of the street. A truck speedily rushes past me almost grazing my shoulder and slows down a bit to join the main road. I am flustered, but check myself from cursing him. I look wildly at the truck. I am astonished to find painted behind its back, caked with dirt but still visible, the words “Don’t worry. Be happy.”


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