It’s a carnival . It’s Holi in Ayodhya too.

Rama is sitting in the lotus posture in the assembly hall . His eyes are closed, he seems to be meditating.
Sita, newly wed, approaches him stealthily , taking care that her anklets do not jingle. She has a golden pitcher in her hand. She is in two minds. Then she nods and bends down at Rama’s feet and smears his feet with colour . Rama opens his eyes, looks at his feet and at the enticing sight of his smiling bride running away. He laughs and chases the girl. She runs swiftly into the abode of Kausalya and hugs her. Kausalya looks at the girl with affection . She says ” What is this, my child ! Why is your bosom heaving like this ?! Are your mischievous maids at you again?”
But it takes her only a li’l while to grasp the matter.
Rama meanwhile gets water and colours mixed in big cauldrons in various hues. He fills the coloured water in a number of spray guns and secures them in a sling bag and goes to his mother’s abode.
He does not find his wife, but he knows she is hiding there somewhere.
” Mamma, this lass has smeared me with colour, while I was praying and she is hiding now behind you like a thief. Deliver her to me.”
Sumithra and other lady folk , coming to know of the hustle-bustle, go into Kausalya’s chambers. Diverting the attention of the young lad, they try to spirit the girl away. Rama senses this. He rushes in front of them takes out one of his spray guns and squirts his darling with colours.
Dasaradha too had rushed to his queen’s parlour meanwhile and looks around.
There are big vessels of coloured water in readiness there.Rama had set his sling bag aside .He has handed over a golden mug to Sita and has taken another in his hand . The young couple are intently bathing each other in coloured water. Others too are drenching the couple and one another in colours.
Lakshmana is looking at his brother and Sita and at their blood-shot eyes with apprehension. Urmila is staring at Lakshmana. Bharata and Satrughna are looking at the spectacle from the balcony and at one another enquiringly whether to join the melee.
Dasaradha glances at Kausalya and looks around for a pitcher. She already has one, filled to the brim in her hand.


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