Hope eternal.

These dainty blossoms, bring back , those moments of bliss, that we shared.They are so very like those that you have tried to interest the-mundane-work-a-day-me in, when we were young. I especially cherish the one that you held in your hand that day ages ago, that had whetted my my appetite for you . It’s still fresh in my mind, that pure pink heavenly rose. Years have gone by. Looking at you now like this makes me doleful. But my misery is still tinged with a fondness for all that we have gone through, the hills and the vales together, all the years that have gone by, a bit too swiftly, to my rue. I live in a kind of stupor, a paramnesia, wary of looking into your tired, listless eyes. Instead I look at those blossoms in profusion and I steal a glance at you, now and again.You too are looking at them , in a distracted wistful manner. The spring is here . Perhaps it is yet not too late in the day, to, together, kindle the crumbling embers to glow, if only for a few precious moments more.


About versa kay

Agile, keen, versatile,considerate,patient
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