From an old school to a new school of thought!


If you look at Chennai, it is deeply rooted in its culture. Old temples and schools to the colonial architecture to the 21st century cool hotels and clubs. It’s all there. And I was going to see this change in a span of two hours.

I was with the ladies of Ladies Circle 4 of Chennai, who first took me to a project called the Madrasa-I-Azam H.S.S. at the Umdah Bagh. This school, which is spread over a couple of acres is on the popular Annaslai, and maybe the only piece of land, which is not yet commercialized. The ladies are undertaking the restoration of the auditorium located toward the back side of this plot and at the same time commissioning new furniture for one of the classrooms.

Madrasa-I-Azam was started in 1761 by His Royal Highness HE Wallajah Nawab Md.Ali Khan Bahadur, ,as a school for the education of…

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