Wide eyes.

Here is my attempt at translation, into English, of a few opening paragraphs of a famous Telugu novel ‘Visala Netralu’ (Wide Eyes ) of Pilaka Ganapati Sastry, which I read long decades ago, in the Telugu weekly ‘Andhra Patrika’

In the sky, long lines of dark clouds play hide and seek with a limpid light. On the ground , streaks of light and darkness are racing, one behind the other. Above, over the clouds it is a vast expanse, a milky ocean of clear alabaster. Whichever way you look, there is the glitter of twinkling stars.
But in Nichulapuram, it is bleak and inky. Darkness all around..
With bated breath, Ranganayaka is climbing the mango tree . His body is lacerated, here and there. It doesn’t bother him a wee bit. No, it ‘s not even an ant-bite, so to say. With a bit more of strain he could reach the top branch. He stays there for a while, then crawls ahead little by little, hides himself within a thick cluster of tender leaves. He looks warily all around the mango grove to see whether any one has found him. No trace of any one anywhere .
He lifts his head and looks out at the window of the mansion, at a distance of two or three yards from him, dimly-lit by a dull light. He lets out a sigh, and keeps on looking steadily, eyes wide open, at the window.
The moon who hid himself behind a blanket of thick clouds, peeped brightly for an instant and then disappeared behind the clouds. The fragrance of mango blooms, kindled a wee glow of intoxication within his heart. A dog barks some where in the distance. In a branch nearby, a squirrel lifts its tail and runs off. Ranganayaka shudders a little bit. and composes himself. The rustling of dry leaves, as they swirl down in the light breeze reverberates within his heart quietly.

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2 Responses to Wide eyes.

  1. J.J. Peters says:

    Poetic prose, nice!

    Critique: The word ‘wee’ is not neutral and the word ‘mansion’ is out of place. It needs a buildup to connect it to the size of the tree, the density of the leaves.

    • versa kay says:

      Happy that you liked it.
      I do not know what you mean by not being neutral. I used it to mean ‘a little’
      I think it may not be out of place for even a mansion to have a big tree near by.
      Thank you for the interest that you have evinced, I think I should make time and translate a few more episodes from the novel

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