Wide eyes-2

It is now, the last third of the night, the third Jamu as they call it, the four
hour span, from 2.00 a.m to 6 a.m. Even that is slowly creeping to a close. He is not yet fortunate to get a glimpse of Hema Sundari. “Have I reached the rendezvous earlier than scheduled”, Ranganayaka wonders. “Perhaps the missive that I sent her through the maid Nancharamma, did not reach her.” , he worries.
He had smeared a thick, dark paint all over his body.”Is it the reason, that she is unable to perceive my presence”, he wonders.
Lifting his head up, he tries to look deep inside the room through the open window. Luckily the moon casts off , the thick veil of clouds behind which it hid, drenching the garden in a deluge of light. Hema Sundari must definitely have noticed him , for she gently walks towards the window and stands there. ” Oh! So you could reach here, thank God.”, she says pleasantly. A streak of light has darted from amidst the mango leaves on to her forehead. Ranganayaka lifts his face a bit and looks at the big eyes of the young lady, oblivious to his surroundings.
The soft dull moon lit her countenance , glistening it tantalisingly . A light pink hue ,as of milk , a wee degree over-boiled. Through the thin veil and beneath her forelocks, her wide eyes spanning almost to the ears. twinkle like a pair of wriggling fish caught in a snare. In the ethereal glow of the moon, the girl, just about twenty years of raging age, appears before him looking verily like a fairy. “Am I indeed awake or is it a dream?”, he wonders.
Both of them desire, nay crave, to fall into a slumber in an inebriating embrace. But alas, no scope even to talk endearingly for a moment .Ranganayaka is afraid some one would easily notice him if they talked even a bit louder. With a still stare , he takes a deep swig at her divine beauty. The smile that sparkled over their lips mingled entrancingly with the the moon light that pervaded the sky like the white shower of Wild Sugarcane (rellu grass) plumes.
A wild thought sparkles out across his mind. He decides to tell it to her. Immediately with bated breath he jumps out towards the window and catches hold of a widow-rod and steadies himself….


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