Wide eyes -3

…..with bated breath he jumps out towards the window and catches hold of a widow-rod and steadies himself….
It required some effort to smooch her from across the widow-rods.He desires to whisper something into her ears. But it can wait. First he imprints an ardent kiss on her cheek, oblivious to the danger, so inebriated is he in her presence. Besides himself with fervour , he presses his lips again and again over her wide eyes. Overcome with emotion, the couple forget that they could get exposed .
Suddenly, Hema Sundari perceives the patter of foot steps in the distance. Afraid, she whispers a warning to him, “Get away, quick !”. With his keen vision, Ranganayaka looks all around the garden, but can find none. A light breeze ruffles the tender branches. A tarantula wanders this way and that as though with fright, over the web it has been intently weaving. Dew drops that settled over the net in the night , slide over its threads and glitter like pearls.
Dark clouds envelope the moon once again . It is bleak all around. Ranganayaka finds a sentry near about the gates of the mansion, who seems to be dozing, leaning his back against the wall . Oh, he gets up suddenly, looks around groggily . He finds Ranganayaka perched precariously at the window ledge, and cries out aloud, “thief, thief.”
Ranganayaka loses no time. He whispers what ever secret he had in his mind in Hema’s. ears, kisses her again and jumps on to the tree and hides himself within its thicket .He looks around in vain, for a quick get-away. Meanwhile some servants have woken up and are running helter-skelter to find and catch the intruder.
One of them points his finger at Ranganayaka, barely visible with in the clutter of leaves, and cries, ” There hides the thief. ”
Ranganayaka jumps down quickly and grabs a long bamboo stave, that he had hidden in the lower branches of the tree, and tries to defend himself from the onslaught of the servants who are now attacking him with similar staves . Some others begin to rain pebbles and stones at him. He wards off the deadly blows adroitly. The sounds of the thick sticks hitting each other is reverberating within the quadrangle. Sparks fly as the dry staves hit each other and get reflected in the eyes of the men. A few of the attackers suffer severe blows , faint and fell to the ground . Others take to their heels and watch him warily from a safe distance, making a vain effort to recognise the intruder who stained himself black. Felling a few others in his way, Ranganayaka jumps on to the perimeter wall and sprints away, disappearing in the bleak alleyways of the city……

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  1. తెలుగు కథలోని రమణీయతను ఏ మాత్రం కోల్పోకుండా చక్కని చవులూరించే విధంగా ఆంగ్ల వచనం లోకి మార్చిన మీ కృషికీ అభిరుచికీ మనస్సుమాంజలి.

    చిన్న సూచన: auto correction వలన కాబోలు window కి బదులు widow అని అచ్చు పడింది. సరిదిద్ద గలరు.

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