It doesn’t matter if you don’t love me, but it would be hurtful if you choose to love some rascal.

Here is an attempt of me to translate the Hindi song,”tum agar mujhko na chaahoto…” from the movie “Dil hi to hai”

I do not mind it much, if you do not love me,
But it would be difficult if you chose to love some one else.

You have as yet no sympathy towards me,but then you are not so aloof too from me.
If you have not broken any promise, you have not made any to me too.

This support is enough for me , to go along in my life.
If you are not mine yet, you do not belong to any other too.
It doesn’t matter much to me, if you do not appreciate my heart
But it would be unbearable , if you appreciate the heart of someone else
It’s likely that people love you,for you are so pleasant looking,
Does it matter any if I am dying for you? There could be lot others too willing to do so.
There may be a similar swelling of desire in the eyes of everyone,
There may be similar pangs of pain in the hearts of others too.
If you are not compassionate at the distress of mine , I do not mind much
But it would be unbearable, if you are compassionate towards the distress of any other instead.

Go on smiling like a dainty blossom, remain ever in the looks of all others,
Stay for ever in you tender innocent youth,
But let not me face the day, for God’s sake,
where I am thirsting for you and
you are in the embrace of some one else,
If you do not belong to me it doesn’t matter much,
But if some enemy gets you as his own , then it would be difficult.

About versa kay

Agile, keen, versatile,considerate,patient
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