Dry Water to Quench a Wet Fire, A Telugu Short Story by Buchi Babu — 3

Dry Water to Quench a Wet Fire-3

The bullock carts are in a race, their bells ringing out loud, when the wheels got out of the ruts.Nobody stays to answer your queries. Why all this pellmell? Is it only the waters that they are afraid of? She turns around. An unprecedented spectacle. Water has climbed to the level of the bank, it is brimming over. A scene she has never seen before.
“Look here, you, over there. What’s happening.? Where are you going? Why are you frantic?.” , she hollers at some one.
That guy continues to run, “The river has breached? It is going to swamp everything, they say.”
Alamelu held her breath, “swamp everything, indeed!?.”. She smiles. Look at those destitutes, calmly gathering driftwood there with absolutely no apprehension at all. Why are these stupid guys so worried? Where is mom, by the way? It’s already dark. Has some one detained her, apprehending the flood? With Venkateswarlu beside her, why worry? Poor mom, she begs this guy and that, to marry her daughter, but doesn’t deign to ask Venkateswarlu. Why? It’s time, she broaches the matter with him, ain’t it? They say , he was already married once. He seems to have ditched her. Know not why. Would like to have a look at her. Is she a shade more pink, in hue than her ? A treat to look at? If only she could meet her, she would hug her, offer solace and then slap her hard on her cheek. No reason why. Just like that. It’s only that when she likes someone she would like to caress them and then slap them hard. Would he ditch her too, if he gets across some one more likeable? Mom, sure is worried about this. No, I’m not that cheap. Why marry him at all? Say, on the other hand, he declines to marry her. How dare he do that? She would slap him hard ! Say perhaps, he weds her and then ditches her. Wouldn’t I tear him to shreds? Mom doesn’t know her properly. The other day, Superintendnt Surayya Esq., himself sent word, offering to employ her as maid in their house. Mom refused. They say , his son, Sivayya, is a libertine. What if? I would very much have liked to work there as the maid, if only to see what that lecher would dare to do. Seen that fellow, Sivayya, quite a guy. Dresses like a dandy. Hair combed back, a watch on his wrist, goggles, grooms himself nicely. If he dares do something , it would be a delight to slap him hard. But mom doesn’t allow it to happen.

A car blares it’s horn, startling her. Alimelu stares at it. Someone is getting down from the car.Oh,think of the devil. It’s Sivayya , son of the superintendent, beckoning at her ! She is not afraid, no, not even in this gathering dusk. What can he possibly do ?. She approaches him…..


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