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Tyagaraja extolls Sabari.

She was just a hunters’ child. Sensitive and kind. Simple and innocent. It pinched her heart when her dad shot a dove. She cried when her mom cooked a terrapin. She closed her eyes in horror when her brother drove … Continue reading

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Hindu wedding rituals .

Continuing with the description of wedding rituals by Sri Krishna Deva Raya in the Amuktamalyada, here is a simple and elegant poem about the tying of (The three knots) a sacred thread by the groom around the neck of the … Continue reading

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Jnanamu, sugnaanamu, vignaanamu. Knowledge, wisdom and science.

In a recent post of mine, I wrote a bit about Tyagaraja’s lyric ‘Jnaanam-osagaRaada. The song is an impassioned plea of the saint to grant him the transcendental wisdom that ll this universe and the inhwbitents of it were one … Continue reading

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My Lord ! Why tarry ? Come to my rescue. Yochana? Kamala Lochana !

I have not touched my violin for quite some time. In fact I have not been doing any other thing even, remotely tangible these days.. So I make up my mind to bootstrap myself up from out of my pit … Continue reading

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Hari Dasus take out the king of kings in a procession.

‘Haridasulu Vedsle mucchata’ is one of the many songs of Tyagaraja that I like very much. Besides being composed sweetly in Yama Kalyan, this ‘ Rapturous song of The Lord’s names” ,(‘ Divya Nama Sankirtana’) is a vivid portrayal in … Continue reading

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The word and it’s meaning. The lyric and it’s music

I have been fortunate to read a discussion about an old interview with Dr.SrIpada Pinaaka Pani garu by Sri Nanduri Pardha Sarsthi garu. The discussion centered around a remark by Dr.Sripada about the secondary role literature has in a music … Continue reading

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Is it within my ken to behold Your exquisite grace? Nee Sogasu-jooda Taramaa?

Another ardent lyric of Tyagaraja extolling the divine beauty of Lord Rama is , ”Sogasu jooda tarama?’ It is in Kannada Gowla, as is the lyric, ‘Orajoopu joosedi nyaysma?’ of which I made a mention in my previous post. Here … Continue reading

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