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It doesn’t matter if you don’t love me, but it would be hurtful if you choose to love some rascal.

Here is an attempt of me to translate the Hindi song,”tum agar mujhko na chaahoto…” from the movie “Dil hi to hai” I do not mind it much, if you do not love me, But it would be difficult if … Continue reading

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I lose all sobreity, when you come near me.

The young couple in the park are in love, head over heels. But still diffident to express their feelings towards one another. There is yet another contender for the girl’s affections ( or more particularly for her father’s estate ). … Continue reading

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The struggling young man, unaware of his legacy, sings gaily of his formidable Dil.

The happy-go-lucky-looking young man sporting the fez (roamy-topee) is an upcoming poet. He is, unknown to himself, heir to a large fortune, which slipped out of his hand when, in his childhood, he was switched away by a wily woman … Continue reading

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