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To beg is demeaning. To refuse what is begged for is as demeaning.

Here is story about the generousness of Karna . Once, Lord Krishna desired to put the famed philanthropy of Karna to test. He goes to Karna’s abode. Karna is taking bath just then. There is a precious and beautiful goblet … Continue reading

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The cowboys go on a picnic.

One of the many fascinating stories from Bhagawatam is about Lord Krishna eating his lunch along with his other cowherd friends . We had studied this story, from the Telugu version of the Bhagawatam, by Pothana , while in school. … Continue reading

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The Story of Swarochisha Manu.

All is well with the world apparently.The Lord is in His Own Abode. They call it Vaikuntham. Surrounded by seven formidable walls, built of solid gold, each with a Golden Gate He is resting with His spouse Maha Lakshmi, the … Continue reading

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In a man-eat-dog world, it is rarely that you find a true pundit.

It’a dog eat dog or rather man-beat-man-world out here all around us still. And when things turn desperate or when man ceases to be a man, , it could even turn out to be a man-eat-man-world, sometimes literally.( eg. Stories … Continue reading

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Text of Krishna Leela Tarangini of Narayana Tirdha

Here is a useful link. You can have the entire text of Narayana Tirdha’s Krishna Leela Tarngini here. http://ia700706.us.archive.org/1/items/KrishnaLeelaTaranginiLyricsEnglish/SriKrishnaLilatarangini.pdf.pdf

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Asha Bhonsle sings a cool-as-butter-milk song on Balaajee.

“I don’t have seed-curds. Please go to the dairy-parlour at the street corner and get some.”,the missus orders. I reluctantly leave my ‘iPad, my ‘gilakkaya’, rattle-toy, in the lexicon of the missus, and get her a big cup of Amul … Continue reading

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Ladies ! Have a look at The Lord, here as an infant.

Here is a lyric of Annamacharya dealing with the birth of Lord Krishna on the eighth day of the second (darker, bahula or Krishna paksham) fortnight of the month of Sravana, the day being popularly referred to as Krishnaashtami or … Continue reading

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