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Old words. New meanings

Words change in meaning as times change. The other day I found some one on the net referring to “Dal Makhni” as “decadent.” Can dal makhni, steaming , fresh and exuding an enticingly fine aroma be rightly called decadent? What … Continue reading

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The east is bright now, the misty veil has lifted.

How do you like this lyric “It’s bright now, the veil has lifted. The east is bright now, the misty veil has lifted. The season is past , can it drizzle still? The rainy season is past, can it mizzle-drizzle … Continue reading

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A war where everyone wins

When we were in school we studied a few poems about war. Ammanni, my sister had a poem, ‘Home they brought her warrior dead. ‘ .I had a poem ‘ The Battle of Blenheim‘. They were nice poems about the … Continue reading

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A grateful poet laments on the demise of a graceful emperor.

In a couple of poems sung by him as an eulogy on the demise of the emperor, Krishna Raya, Allasani Peddana rues that he lived still after the great king left. Here is my attempt at translating the two great … Continue reading

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Sines-qua-non for great literary works – a la Allasani Peddana

. In a recent post of mine I recounted the story of the great Vijayanagar emperor Krishna Raya, commissioning his poet-laureate Allasani Peddana to author the epic Manu Charitram and the poet readily consenting to take up the formidable assignment. … Continue reading

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The word and it’s meaning. The lyric and it’s music

I have been fortunate to read a discussion about an old interview with Dr.SrIpada Pinaaka Pani garu by Sri Nanduri Pardha Sarsthi garu. The discussion centered around a remark by Dr.Sripada about the secondary role literature has in a music … Continue reading

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Decked in raiments of papyrus.

Here is a joke about who wrote the Ramayana. A school teacher asks his pupils, ” Who has written The Ramayana?” The students stare at him with blank faces. The teacher spots the hefty and tall son of the local … Continue reading

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