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The scout brings good tidings to his anxious master.

Here is a fascinating Annamacharya lyric, in the form of a poignant dialogue between Hanuman and his forlorn Lord Sri Rama. The lyric is set to music in Raga Aabhogi in Adi Talam (Eight beat cycle), Hanuman has returned after … Continue reading

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The Lord humbles His arrogant devotee,

The spectacular Siva Tandava Stotram is believed to have been composed by Ravanaa,the demon emperor of Lanka, a learned but arrogant devotee of Siva, The following video clip from the Telugu movie Seeta Rama Kalyaanam. depicts Ravana, attired as an … Continue reading

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Bhringi dances tandavam before a meditating Lord sivaa.

There is a captivating Ananda Tandava dance, no, not by Siva, but a devotee of His, from the 1958Telugu movie Bhookailas. Here is a link to this blissful dance performed for the movie by Gopi Krishna, the celebrated dancer, ( … Continue reading

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