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It’s a carnival . It’s Holi in Ayodhya too.

Rama is sitting in the lotus posture in the assembly hall . His eyes are closed, he seems to be meditating. Sita, newly wed, approaches him stealthily , taking care that her anklets do not jingle. She has a golden … Continue reading

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The scout brings good tidings to his anxious master.

Here is a fascinating Annamacharya lyric, in the form of a poignant dialogue between Hanuman and his forlorn Lord Sri Rama. The lyric is set to music in Raga Aabhogi in Adi Talam (Eight beat cycle), Hanuman has returned after … Continue reading

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The river is morose, the wind sad, The boat refuses to move. Like my heavy heart

. Partings are painful, partings of loved ones. When the loved one, is loved universally, the pain touches one and all. When a benign prince, loved as your own kin, just about to be crowned emperor, is exiled for fourteen … Continue reading

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