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The Queen’s brother and the Dynasty’s ancestor.

“Honey, will you pluck some of the flowers and get them to me for my puja” . It is the missus’s voice from the bath room. I set the news paper aside and go to the terrace. There are a … Continue reading

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The elephant and the Tapir.

We had been at Bangalore for a few days.¬† The ¬†grandkids are ecstatic. We play some cricket and some more football in the hall much to the annoyance of Putter and Bahu. Playing cricket and foot ball within the house … Continue reading

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The world cup final vs. The Alliance Francois concert.

In the Telugu movie Patala Bhairavi, Relangi, the suave comedian ofTollywood’s yester years, plays the role of the Queen’s brother, who falls in love with the Queen’s daughter, ( No incest implied here, marriage with your sister’s daughter is customarily … Continue reading

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It is Norma Shearer in The Roxy theater.

Mrs. and me had been to Bangalore recently. We took the opportunity to see the vast and serene campus of The Art of Living Foundation on the outskirts of Bangalore. The founder of the world-wide foundation is Sri Sri Ravi … Continue reading

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