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The Gods have conspired to bereave the infant. It’s for Them to look after him.

In the last post I have written a bit about a poignant song seeped with the anguish of a hapless young widow, a happy-go-lucky music teacher living happily ( well, in her own simple way),with a doting husband and their … Continue reading

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Like a flute of reed. Like the strains of a violin.

Here is a beautiful lyric by Veturi, from the Telugu movie, Matrudevo Bhava, set to haunting music by M.M. Keeravani and sung soulfully by Chitra. First, here is my attempt to translate the lyrical Telugu into my explicit English. Like … Continue reading

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The disconsolate young man sings an anguished lullaby.

The young man is numb and disconsolate. No, not that only a few grains of grit remained as yet in his hour-glass they too hastening down swiftly, inexorably. He is anxious at this young girl swamped in a plight as … Continue reading

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Sing with the wilting flowers, Sing with the blossoming buds.

Here is a beautiful song from the 1989 hit movie of Mani Ratnam, –Geetanjali ,featuring Nagarjuna and Girija Shettar in the lead roles. The story is about an young man diagnosed to have only a few months to live. He … Continue reading

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The tune, the lyric . They swing together.

Some years ago in an interview Dr. Sripada Pinaka Pani, quipped, “there is no point in attending a music concert, if it is your intention to contemplate on the literary merits of the composition being rendered. You better get a … Continue reading

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Do I find that pearl drop of a tear in your eye?

Here is a beautiful lyric of Veturi from the 1981 hit movie Mudda Mandaram, (the nascent blossom of a full multi-layered hibiscus). The movie is about a rich educated boy falling in love with a poor village girl. To ecape … Continue reading

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Rain, rain, stay put, we kids and grown-ups wish to celebrate.

Here is another great lyric and song from the off-beat Telugu hit movie Anand. Sung by Shreya GhoshaL, it was written, again, by Veeturi and set to memorable music by Radha Krishna.The effervescent, yet poignant lyric in Telugu is interspersed … Continue reading

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